Connecting Camels and Mother’s Day

On Monday one of our little ones was lining up the weights in size and weight order.

2017-03-20 13.41.09 - Copy

We got out the connecting camels to add to his interest. Other children joined him.


Lining them up

2017-03-20 13.41.29 - Copy

Putting the camels into colour groups

2017-03-20 13.43.26 - Copy

Repeating patterns

2017-03-20 13.43.33 - Copy

Buried treasure, under all the chains

2017-03-20 13.45.51 - Copy

Making circles. adding a smaller one.

Lining up.

2017-03-21 15.00.31 - Copy

A few of our activities on one day.

On Wednesday we took our older children to Sutton Lower school for our usual half termly visit. The children loved having a ride in the cars and then avoiding the puddles as we made our way to school. Once at school we had a brief play in the class before the sun came out and we were able to play outside in the sand, doing some digging for gold in the dirt and then fishing for feet! We had a lovely play in the field exploring the lovely wooden pirate ship and climbing frame. Then we met the parents and carers in the front car park.

Thank you so much to Sutton for having us, we’re already looking forward to our visit next term.

The children really enjoyed working on their gifts for their Mummy’s. The artwork on the cups will fade over time if put in the dishwasher.

2017-03-24 12.29.22 - Copy2017-03-24 12.29.31 - Copy2017-03-24 15.47.51 HDR - Copy




Bubbly water play and drums

Last week has been lots of fun, carrying on with the week before’s interests- lots of water and splashing. We added bubbly water to the tuff spots, pots, teapots, bowls, sponges, syringes and spoons.

All these activities of squeezing the sponge and using the syringes to fill the pots, will help the muscles the children need to write- grow, form and work at becoming stronger. The pouring and measuring of water will enhance the children’s mathematical skills by allowing them to work out how much they need to fill the pot up, how heavy the pots is and that it gets lighter as the water is poured into  bowl. They develop and idea of whether the small pot will hold the same as the large pot. They are doing such fantastic learning but as far as they are concerned they are having lots of fun and playing.

We got our beautiful drums out this week, another interest followed. The children had helped themselves to the beaters from the instrument drawer and try out the noises on the tables, chairs and tuff spots in the room. We had 4 drums between 18 children. The drums were spaced between the children, those that did not have a drum, clapped their hands. They all listened well and practised doing loud, slow, fast and quiet by rubbing their hand over the drum. To ensure all the children had a go with the drum, we said ‘stop’ and used the sign for stop, then the children had to pass their drum to the next person.

Our activities this week were:-

2017-03-07 10.52.12

The children tried to build a tower as tall as them using the Duplo. They worked hard together, whilst one held the tower the others would find the bricks they needed. Then they would swap over. It was a real joint effort and only fell apart when the tower got too tall to be added to. That didn’t put them off they tried again, giving the tower a bigger base to see if that would make it more stable.

I wonder what fun and learning will happen this week.



Last week of half term.

This week was busy and rather a lot of fun.

At the network meeting on Tuesday we discussed school admissions. Children’s applications need to be in by 15th January.

The 16th April is when you get told what school your child has been allocated. Make sure you put 2nd and 3rd choices of schools on your application otherwise you may get allocated anywhere that’s got space. Everyone needs to apply, having a sibling at a school does not mean your child has an automatic space. Tell Woodentops where you want your child to go so we can start planning our visits. Our school visits will take place after 16th April, so we take the children to their allocated schools.

A magnificent build by one little one who chatted about his design as he built it. He worked how to balance the bricks by trial and error. This was the beginnings of a crane built on Monday.

Conkers- the children used the conkers in their creations. One made an owl and then decorated it with many colours of paint which looked really effective.

Here is a line of conkers, each one painted very individually and were counted in place. Lots of glue was used to make sure they stuck to the card.

This is the end product of the crane, built on Wednesday.

Cooking on Wednesday.

The children chose to do wraps. Vegetarian or ham. Each child had a chance to have a go, some felt they didn’t want to which is fine. Lovely that we encourage them to make their own decisions, they are all aware if they don’t make it there will be nothing to take home. The children used scissors ✂️ or a knife 🔪 to cut up their vegetables. We discovered that lettuce is really easy to rip up. Once they’d put what they wanted in their wrap, they rolled it up, then wrapped it in the foil and put it in the fridge.

One little 2’s idea of a den. She spent ages choosing the material and pegging it to the stands. As she worked she chatted about what went where. If she needed help she asked the adult to hold the material whilst she pegged it.

Making foot prints.

Using the water to make footprints whilst her friends painted the path with water. Lots of talk about how many, the size of the print and when others joined including adults, how much bigger or smaller they were.

Fire engine 🚒 building

One little one, having built a camp fire last week went on to do a fire engine this week. He was supported by 5 friends who discussed about how and where everything went. They made sure there was space at the front for 2 to ‘drive the engine ‘ using a wood cookie as the steering wheel. Planks of wood became hoses and the milk crates were stacked to become a ladder which they took in turns to climb, use the ‘hose’ to put out the fire 🔥 and jump down from the ladder. They encouraged each other especially when one was a little unsure of climbing 3 crates by reducing it to 2 and helping him climb up. Once he mastered it, another was added and he jumped from it just like his friends.

Each child hopefully had a brown bag given to them to collect things on their walks over the half term. If you didn’t get your bag, could you collect bits in a carrier bag instead? Please bring them back to preschool next week and we’ll be doing lots of fun things with them.

We hope you all have a lovely week and we’ll see you back in the 29th October.

Macmillan coffee morning and our fabulous week.

Our beautiful den.

Building an obstacle course where there was lots of discussion about what would go where. Testing out their ideas and then readjusting the equipment to make sure it was ok.

Washing out our rolling seats. Lots of things got washed even friends.

Mark making

A combine harvester.

A Birthday cake.

Painting the path. Lots of talk sharing their ideas and turn taking.

Our fairy garden. The children are really interested in fairies. It has sparked their imagination.

Preparing for our Rock show. We had guitar playing, lots of drums, bells and shakers playing to ‘we will rock you’ led by one of our 4 year olds.

A beautiful cake made by Charlotte, one of our parents. It was dairy, gluten and wheat free. It tasted glorious according to our winner. Thank you so much Charlotte.

Our raffle prizes for our coffee morning where we raised £150. How fantastic is that?

Planting some very large daffodil bulbs. The children enjoyed playing with the soil, filling the pots and we talked about what the bulbs needed to grow into lovely daffodils 🌼.

Making cars

2 children worked together fitting the pieces of wood together to make their car.

They added a steering wheel ‘so we can steer it’ and then a handbrake.

And tested it out for size. They decided to take their baby for a ride.

We had a ‘picnic’ and made a bonfire.

And cooked some eggs on the fire.

They tasted lovely.

We set up an obstacle course, the children working together.

And did some den building

On Monday we cut our flowers and put them in their little vases. The children take great pride in their flowers and look after them throughout the day

Our baby snail seems to be growing. We took a photo of him with a one pence coin.

Den building

This week we welcomed another 2 little ones to Woodentops and they settled very well.

In the garden, the children spent lots of time working together to build dens using the fence, stands, material and lots of pegs. They talked and took turns, planned what would go where and debated when what they did didn’t work. It was fascinating to watch. This went on throughout the week.

Hot chocolate!!!! She spent ages sorting out this for her friend.

Our snails came back in. The children talked about how big they had grown over the summer. We found our baby snail and then put some suggested names in a bowl. Lots of suggestions like red, bus, Shelley, snail, unicorn and brown, the winner was Sprinkle. He’s a little bit camera shy so we will get a pic next week. He joins Sparkle and Herbie.

Areas set up for children to explore.

Our Fairy set, made by 2 children. The fairy house is made out of the wooden bricks and the fairies hidden inside.

One of our little ones spent a long time designing her picture. She chatted about what she was doing and why with her friends and the adult supporting her learning.

Second week back and it’s been so much fun.

This week we had Nisha come and meet us before doing her fabulous Spanishtastic session. The children loved and went home saying ‘Hola’ to their parents and carers. Brilliant as most of them hadn’t done Spanish before.

A little one built a fabulous train track and then added lots of rainbow bridges. He was really busy for ages and it was his 3rd day at Woodentops.

In our ‘home corner’, the children love having the flowers. They help sort them into their little vases. They are really good at taking care of them and they have not been knocked over. We also have some china cups and plates that the children are being very careful with and using fantastically in their play.

The children used their imagination and inspiration from the equipment around them to build a car. They took turns in driving it too.

A new road for the cars to see how fast they can go. The balls went even faster and further along the path.

A little girl loves lining up toys, she also grouped them into colours.

Some lovely building inside, again children working together, sharing ideas and planning how they wanted their building to look and be used.

First week back in Sept 2018

This week has been so much fun. We’ve had 14 new little ones join us and they have settled so well. Our older Preschoolers have been very kind and caring helping their new friends. We’re really proud of how they have come in and played, shared the toys, explored and chatted. They all are a lovely group of children.

We have painted 4 prints for our book bags, lunchboxes, our bags and the Welcome board.

We had some water and sand play. The diggers moved the sand around and we added lots of water to make the sand ‘stick’ together.

We lined up lots of toys.

We made a combine harvester.

Inside we enjoyed playing with the different provocations that had been set up.

Our notice board.

Playdoh designs.

All parents have an All About Me form in their child’s reading and communication diary. Please can you all fill them in? Thanks

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Summer Holiday Fun

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer holidays. This year all the children received their own travelling bear for the summer holiday.

They also had some cress seeds to grow. We’ve had a fantastic response with some photos of cress growing.

One of mums did a lovely description of what her little ones did with their cress seeds. The boys have had a great time checking,watering and eating it, much to my surprise.It really does go to show that if you grow or cook something yourself there’s a greater chance you’ll actually try it and eat it!This has been proven with other cooking activities we have tried over the holidays too!