Making cars

2 children worked together fitting the pieces of wood together to make their car.

They added a steering wheel ‘so we can steer it’ and then a handbrake.

And tested it out for size. They decided to take their baby for a ride.

We had a ‘picnic’ and made a bonfire.

And cooked some eggs on the fire.

They tasted lovely.

We set up an obstacle course, the children working together.

And did some den building

On Monday we cut our flowers and put them in their little vases. The children take great pride in their flowers and look after them throughout the day

Our baby snail seems to be growing. We took a photo of him with a one pence coin.

Den building

This week we welcomed another 2 little ones to Woodentops and they settled very well.

In the garden, the children spent lots of time working together to build dens using the fence, stands, material and lots of pegs. They talked and took turns, planned what would go where and debated when what they did didn’t work. It was fascinating to watch. This went on throughout the week.

Hot chocolate!!!! She spent ages sorting out this for her friend.

Our snails came back in. The children talked about how big they had grown over the summer. We found our baby snail and then put some suggested names in a bowl. Lots of suggestions like red, bus, Shelley, snail, unicorn and brown, the winner was Sprinkle. He’s a little bit camera shy so we will get a pic next week. He joins Sparkle and Herbie.

Areas set up for children to explore.

Our Fairy set, made by 2 children. The fairy house is made out of the wooden bricks and the fairies hidden inside.

One of our little ones spent a long time designing her picture. She chatted about what she was doing and why with her friends and the adult supporting her learning.

Second week back and it’s been so much fun.

This week we had Nisha come and meet us before doing her fabulous Spanishtastic session. The children loved and went home saying ‘Hola’ to their parents and carers. Brilliant as most of them hadn’t done Spanish before.

A little one built a fabulous train track and then added lots of rainbow bridges. He was really busy for ages and it was his 3rd day at Woodentops.

In our ‘home corner’, the children love having the flowers. They help sort them into their little vases. They are really good at taking care of them and they have not been knocked over. We also have some china cups and plates that the children are being very careful with and using fantastically in their play.

The children used their imagination and inspiration from the equipment around them to build a car. They took turns in driving it too.

A new road for the cars to see how fast they can go. The balls went even faster and further along the path.

A little girl loves lining up toys, she also grouped them into colours.

Some lovely building inside, again children working together, sharing ideas and planning how they wanted their building to look and be used.

First week back in Sept 2018

This week has been so much fun. We’ve had 14 new little ones join us and they have settled so well. Our older Preschoolers have been very kind and caring helping their new friends. We’re really proud of how they have come in and played, shared the toys, explored and chatted. They all are a lovely group of children.

We have painted 4 prints for our book bags, lunchboxes, our bags and the Welcome board.

We had some water and sand play. The diggers moved the sand around and we added lots of water to make the sand ‘stick’ together.

We lined up lots of toys.

We made a combine harvester.

Inside we enjoyed playing with the different provocations that had been set up.

Our notice board.

Playdoh designs.

All parents have an All About Me form in their child’s reading and communication diary. Please can you all fill them in? Thanks

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Summer Holiday Fun

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer holidays. This year all the children received their own travelling bear for the summer holiday.

They also had some cress seeds to grow. We’ve had a fantastic response with some photos of cress growing.

One of mums did a lovely description of what her little ones did with their cress seeds. The boys have had a great time checking,watering and eating it, much to my surprise.It really does go to show that if you grow or cook something yourself there’s a greater chance you’ll actually try it and eat it!This has been proven with other cooking activities we have tried over the holidays too!

Our fun filled week.

Some of our oldest preschoolers did their taster session Potton Lower school on Friday. We hope they really enjoyed it and look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.

Monday morning and a few tables set up to stimulate the children’s play and learning.

We made lavender smelling playdoh out of a lavender plant. The children spent time cutting up the lavender and putting it in a ‘vase’. The pencils were stuck in the playdoh.

This poor dog had 2 sore legs so was bandaged up carefully with the playdoh bandages.

This weeks notice board.

More areas set up ready for lots of learning.

The boat one of little ones made which floated. 😊

Some of the children washed the dolls in the big bath. And another little one washed his oranga and hung up to dry.

Potton Apple Orchard Visit

We had a lovely visit from Sally this morning. She brought a hamper basket full of apples that were sponsored the Country Store.

The Country Store also donated some vouchers for us to spend. Thank you so much.

The children were eager to sit under the gazebo and listen to Sally.

She showed them how to turn the Apple as it was peeled and cut.

The skin that came off was really long. It was taller than Jackie. We hung it on the fence.

Fun in the sun.

Water ready for the children to help themselves. We have it set up inside and outside.

What are they going to make? The ideas are endless and we encourage the children to use the curiosity to explore what we put out. Could it be potions, dinner or something else?

Banana cakes too today

Super necklaces to choose from.

Our seaside provocation to explore.

Looking forward to a fun filled day.

Fathers/Special persons Day celebration

We had a lovely morning at Woodentops today. The children invited their special person in to celebrate with a bacon or Sausage roll. Bacon and sausages were donated by Clayton Butchers. They tasted fabulous so thank you so much. They could also have a vegetarian burger or sausage roll.

The children thoroughly enjoyed doing some flowers

Making some strawberry or chocolate mousse

Sharing books

Drawing pictures

And they had a great time in the garden playing with their parents.

Thank you so much for coming. The children love showing you what they do at Preschool.

Water beads and flowers

On Monday, the children planted out the sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins.

We discovered our potatoes and strawberries had really grown over the holidays. We’ve got lots of green strawberries- we had lots of chat about how they need to be red before we can pick them.

We made dairy and egg free cakes. The children experimented with touching, smelling and tasting the ingredients before mixing them together.

The children built some dens, inside and outside. They made a tower for their people and had great fun in the ‘rocket’.

With the flowers, the children produced a beautiful salad, the leaves were cut up using scissors to make the lettuce and other resources added to finish off the salad.

Water beads are so much fun. They bounce and make a lovely sound when poured. They feel lovely to hold although very slippery.

We had the teachers visit from Potton Lower on Thursday. The children were eager to listen to what they had in their shoe boxes. They shared books with them, eagerly showed them round Woodentops including our lovely garden and played with them. The teachers were impressed with how confident our children were.

Some of our provocations set up ready for the children to explore and follow their curiosity.

On Friday we cleaned the chalk of the path. We had 3 brushes and some paint brushes. We all took turns in cleaning the path and the walls. The children were very enthusiastic.

So much so, they cleaned the signs too.

Last week was a fabulous week with lots of learning and exploring.

I am in total awe of how our children take what we provide and move it in to a totally different dimension. It’s fantastic and all based around them and their interests.