Diary Dates

Important Dates

7th Jan- Back to preschool

9th Jan- Signing with Jules

10th Jan -Spanish with Nisha

16th Jan- Signing with Jules

17th Jan- Simon’s session, Spanish

18th Jan- Meeting with Potton Preschool School

22nd Jan- Simon’s session

23rd Jan- Signing with Jules

24th Jan- Spanish with Nisha

25th Jan- Staff meeting

30th Jan- Signing with Jules

31st Jan- Simon’s session, Spanish

5th Feb- Simons session

6th Feb- Signing with Jules, parents evening

7th Feb- Spanish with Nisha

11th Feb- HALF TERM

21st Feb- Simon’s session, Spanish

22nd Feb- BINGO night

26th Feb- Simon’s session

27th Feb- Signing with Jules

28th Feb- Spanish with Nisha

6th March- Signing with Jules, Early Years Meeting with PPS and the local Childminders plus our Childcare Development Officers.

7th March- Simon’s session, Spanish

12th March- Simon’s session

13th March- Signing with Jules

14th March- Spanish with Nisha

16th March- Training day for staff

20th March- Signing with Jules

21st March- Simon’s Session, Spanish

26th March- Simon’s Session

27th March- Signing with Jules

28th March- Spanish with Nisha

29th March- Mother’s Day treat

3rd April- Signing with Jules

4th April- Simon’s Session, Spanish

5th April- Easter party with Widdershins theatre group, 10am to 12pm


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