About Us

Our Purpose is to:

provide a homely environment where ‘learning is fun’, full of awe and wonder, so that children can develop and extend their curiosity and creativity. And to develop children’s independence and confidence ensuring they feel loved, cared for and valued.  

Our Mission is: 

  • To help children become confident learners excited about lifelong learning.
  • To develop children’s curiosity, eagerness to investigate and discover the world around them.
  • To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which they can thrive.
  • To provide a welcoming environment for the children’s parents and families/carers so they feel comfortable and able to ask for help and support.
  • To have staff committed to continue with their learning so we cab deliver the highest possible care and education.
  • To have happy, confident, well-motivated staff.

We do this by:

  • providing Early Years Education in a friendly and caring community-based group.
  • providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment that embraces both indoor and outdoor learning.
  • ensuring equality of opportunity for all children and families.
  • promoting learning and diversity through play.

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 8am to 4pm
Friday –  8 am to 1pm.

Bookings are made by the hour with a minimum of three hours (subject to availability), 2 sessions a week. We believe by having 2 sessions a week children settle a lot quicker and get to know Woodentops better.

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