Parent Contract

Parents/carers are the first and most important educators of their children. The work here at the Preschool cannot be fully effective without the support of each child’s parent/carer.

With this in mind, we ask you to read and sign the contract below, please keep this copy for your records.


I/we have read the Preschool policies and accept that the group will be run in accordance with these.

Diarrhoea & Vomiting

We are aware that preschool cannot accept our child until 48 hours has elapsed from the last diarrhea or vomiting episode due to HPA guidelines.

Parent Participation

I/we agree to support, wherever possible, events held at the Pre-school for as long as our child attends.

Shared Record Keeping

I/we will work with the staff to in order ensure my/our child gets the best possible early years education.


I/we agree to pay fees within 2 weeks of the beginning of term and that failure to do so may incur a charge to be added to the account. If paying by cash I am aware it’s my responsibility to obtain a receipt.

First Aid

I/we will allow the staff to administer 1st Aid as required and accompany my/our child to hospital as a responsible adult, should the need arise, until I/we are able to get there.


I/we will try not to be late in collecting at the end of each session and will inform, by text/phone, if there is an issue.

I/we understand that I/we will be invoiced for early drop off’s and late collections in line with the preschools current pricing schedule.

Sun Cream

I/we agree that the Preschool can apply their sun cream (factor 50) to our child/sun cream provided by ourselves when necessary. The sun cream will be labelled with my/our child’s name.


I/we will allow staff to take observations of my child, and share information with other Early Years workers/Reception class staff/ health professionals, where appropriate


I/we will allow photographs using the preschools mobile and camera’s to be used within the group only (i.e. displays, learning Journeys etc.)


I *am/am not* willing (*please delete) for my child to go on brief local outings from the Pre-school. I understand that specific consent will be sought for major excursions.

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