Potton Childminders

We support childminders in Potton and work closely with them as they, like us, have to adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2014). They are inspected by Ofsted and Graded in the same way and have to evidence how they help the children progress through their Early Years.

Ros  ABC Childcare

Megam & James Tennant, Email: jandmtennant@aol.com

Hayley Edwards-Gale, Email:  familygale@btinternet.com

Kathryn Bate, Email:  kathrynbate@yahoo.co.uk

Hazel Desborough, Email:  haz1007@yahoo.co.uk

Yvonne Hinde, Email:  yvonnehinde@hotmail.co.uk

Mandy Woodcock, Email: woodcockaj@talktalk.net

Lucy Cookman,  https://lucyspatch.wordpress.com/


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