Fee paying children:

Fees are £5.55 per hour for those children NOT entitled to funded hours or those children that do before 9am and after 3pm. Woodentops encourages children to do a minimum of 2 three hour sessions per week, children can do more hours of parents require. 

The space you have booked for your child is non refundable. We will hold these hours specifically for your child. It is at your discretion whether you use them. However, as the space is held for your child there will be no reimbursement of hours not used. Normal fee will be required if you are on holiday or your child is not attending because of illness.

Funded Children

Those children who are able to access funded 15 or 30 hours pay a sessional fee- please see below. Additional hours are charged at £5.55 per hour. 

Time Session                                                                                Price
9 am to 3pm      Full Day session                                                  £6.00
9am to 12pm     Morning session                                                 £3.00
1pm to 4 pm     Afternoon session                                               £3.00

These fees are there to ensure that Woodentops remains financially viable and continues to provide a valuable service to our local community. 

Termination of contract

A months’ notice is required for termination of contract. If you remove your child without notice, you will be required to pay 4 weeks fees.

Contribution Fee for Funded Children
During the pre-school session, we aim to provide a range of activities and experiences to broaden
the childrens knowledge, learning, and to build on and extend each child’s cultural capital.
In order for us to provide these additional services, we require a contribution fee which helps to
cover the cost of consumables, which Nursery Education Funding does not cover.
This fee is included in your monthly invoice.

In accordance with Central Beds advice, invoices will be sent out in advance and will be payable by
the end of the first week of the current month. If your invoice is not paid on time, you are at risk of
losing your child’s place. If you have any problems in paying your invoice, please speak to Jackie as
soon as possible so any issues can be resolved together.

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