Our first week back in 2017

Our week began with 3 home visits meeting 3 lovely children and their parents, preparing them for their first couple of weeks at Woodentops.

Wednesday we started back at the preschool and had a lovely morning with the children getting out the instruments and singing ‘Jingle bells’ and a few other Christmas songs we had practised for our carol concert in December. We made purple playdoh and added sparkles in to it. the children then made cup cakes, patterns from their clothes into the dough and made large and small balls rolling the dough out with their hands. In the afternoon we got out our magnetic balls, wands and geomags, as in the morning we had 2 children going round testing what was magnetic with the large horseshoe magnets. They really enjoyed using the geomags and shapes to make pots and containers. We had lots of discussion about why they stuck together and what they were creating.

Thursday, we had picnics every where, the children used the table cloths on the floor and found lots of different types of food and crockery to set their picnic up. They invited others to join them, sang songs and they read some books. Later on they used the material and tuff spot stand to build a huge den, used it in their obstacle course and and again invited others to join them. The music instruments came out again.

Friday, with it being so beautifully frosty outside, we went for a long walk around the football field, looking at what ‘Jack Frost’ had brought in overnight. They found very icy leaves and looked at the patterns on them and noticed how crunchy they were. We had lots of comments about how cold it was.

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