Jewels, Stones and Marble Play

So this morning we set up the tuff spot with lots of pompoms, bowls, tongs and spoons. The children started off transferring the pompoms from one bowl to another using different sized spoons, scoops, tongs and measuring cups. We had lots of talk about who had the most, the sizes of the pompoms and and how they could fit into different sized pots.


The children enjoyed it so much, we decided to extend their learning by adding some hard, shiny stones. My goodness, they liked the noise of the stones in the metal bowl and colander and spent time stirring them round and round using any tool they could plus their hands. Some of the children poured the stones from one pot to another and then into their hands.

We decide to extend their learning by adding a little more variety with some very rolly marbles, again, all different sizes.

We had lots of discussion about the noises they made, the different colours they could see and the weight of them.

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