Making Houses.

Today the children made houses.

Under the snack preparation table the children built their house. They collected boxes, big ones that they could fit in, added a big ribbon flower and made the box their door. The found some flowers, asked for blue tack and stuck the flowers to the their garden wall.

They took out the playdoh added them to ‘plant pots’ and put them along the ‘wall’ so their ‘plants can grow’.


Then they found the fat and thin lolly sticks and used them to make grass in their garden. Then they used the spools, stones and ribbons to make their picnic with lots of different sized pots.

Across the room under the registration table, the boys having noticed what the other children were doing, found lots of boxes and made a thick wall. Inside their house they stuck flowers, chunky ribbon bows and bows to their roof for ‘lights’. They added flowers to the chairs and the walls.


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