Ark Farm Visit

Today Crystal and Shannon brought lots of animals to visit Woodentops Preschool, they came from Ark Farm.  We invited all our children and parents in, childminders, nannies and any ‘Stay and Play’ parents.

The children were really eager to touch the animals and listened really well to the adults about touching them gently plus using the ‘magic’ soap after touching the animals.

Crystal and Shannon set up a table with a mat on it, spread out lots of seed and then let the animals out. First of all came the Bantam hens and cockerel-

Then the 4 guinea pigs joined them.

And finally on the table a very cute little Pygmy Hedgehog and a Tortoise came on. To begin with the hedgehog was very still and then he became very fast.

We had Gopher the Labrador in too who really liked being stroked plus trying to eat the Duplo bricks! He tried his hardest to sample some playdoh as well but was really good at giving it back!

We had 2 ducks who had a really good wash in the paddling pool- they splashed the children lots and made them giggle.

Then we had an owl out to join in. The children stroked him very gently and he sat on Shannon’s gloved hand.


Half way through the session we all sat down to have a snack and some milk after using the gel to wash our hands.

At the end of the session we had a story with puppets which the children really enjoyed.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Ark Farm, the children’s faces were a picture, they really enjoyed the hands on experience you provided.

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