This week- 14th March 2016

This week we did lots of building using the dark den frame, material and pegs. The children worked out how to make it bigger by using the chairs to peg the material to.
The children ‘made’ a hospital area, and one child had a sick bowl as she was ‘soooo’ ill. Pegs were used to make sure the bandages stayed on her arms as she needed so much treatment.
Woody bear had a great visit to one of the children home and is off away again this weekend. We really enjoy reading what fantastic time he has with the children in their homes.
We got out heuristic toys and chains which the children used as money. some children did threading through the lines.
On Tuesday Jodie came in and did her dance session. The children practiced at being butterflies, soldiers and horses. They also enjoyed throwing their rainbow scarves around and catching them.
Simon came from Triumph Wellbeing for our sporty session on Thursday. The children had a blast, rolling tyres across the grass, being rabbits being chased by Simon, throwing bean bags in the tyres and jumping over the tyre.
All in All another fantastic week at Woodentops with lovely children.

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