Happy Easter Everyone

We celebrated Easter with the children by having an Easter party on Maundy Thursday.

The children arrived to join in the story, once everyone had arrived we went outside to the garden for the Easter Egg Hunt. The children each had a bag and were encouraged to count 3 eggs into their bag. They had to look for the eggs in the balloon filled hoops scattered round the garden. Once they were all collected, the children spent some time jumping on the balloons trying to make them pop, there was lots of giggling.

Back inside we played ‘Sleeping Rabbits’ and then we had our party lunch. The food was provided for by the parents and carers, they really tucked in and enjoyed the variety. The children ate their iced biscuits that they made in the week too.

Then we played stick the tail on the bunny- again the children had helped make them by painting the bunnies (we had 2) in the week. They got into 2 teams and were all quite cool about putting on a mask so they couldn’t see where they were putting their tails. The tails made it into funny places!

We had ‘Pass the Parcel’ with a difference, the children listened carefully to the music, supported each other whilst that child unwrapped and then all did the actions that came out of the wrapping. They liked the hopping and jumping, and then trying to stand on one leg.

At the end of the party we all went outside and did lots of running around, waiting for their parents and carers to pick up. The children were eager to show their parents their party bag that they had made in the week, which contained their work and some surprises.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and remind you that preschool starts back on the 12th April.

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