Growing Potatoes at Woodentops

On Thursday 21st July, before Simon  from Triumph Wellbeing came in for the last ‘Team game’ session of this school year, we decided to dig up our potatoes. There were lots to be found.

We had lots of talk about the differing sizes of the potatoes, we found a worm in the soil with a few other bugs. The worm was ‘saved’ and put on the grass so he find a new home.

Michelle took the potatoes inside to wash and boil them so we could make potato salad for our party on Friday.

Once they were cooled the Thursday afternoon children chopped the potatoes up small, put them in the 2 bowls, added some onion and then some mayonaise. They gave it a good stir before putting it all in the fridge.

2016-07-21 14.40.24

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