Standalone farm trip

Today we took 18 children to Standalone farm. It was such a glorious hot day so we made sure each child had a bottle of water and each staff member. The children were fantastic. We looked the geese first and then moved onto the horses.

The geese have fantastic blue eyes and were not worried about coming close to us, which the children were cool about.

There were 2 shire horses and 2 small ponies.


The goat was really eager to see us too.

2016-07-19 10.51.36

As we went to see cows we met some doves, Canadian geese and ducks.


2016-07-19 10.57.36-1

The piglets were really big and some of the pigs were huge. We walked round to the donkeys who were eager for a stroke before we sat in the shade and had some snack and lots of water.

We walked round to the Alpaca’s who had recently been sheared and liked being touched by the children- they felt really soft. One was really interested in the camera.


After the Alpaca’s we did a long walk round the field in the shade looking for the sheep and lambs. They were very sensible lying in the shade.

2016-07-19 11.53.44-1

We washed our hands in a very big trough and then went off the the lovely learning barn, where we had stored our lunches earlier. It was so cool in the barn and we all enjoyed our lunches. We decided to go and find the small animals before having fun on the play equipment.

We met Chas and Dave, the rabbits and few of their friends.

We ended the day by having an ice lolly each and then playing in the tractor barn before the parents and carers picked up.

The children were fabulous. A huge thanks goes out to their parents and their carers for allowing us to take their children out for such a fun day. Also a massive thank you to all the Woodentops ladies for all their fantastic support during our visit.

We’re planning next years visit already.




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