June fun at Woodentops

To start of June we sent a card to the Queen, to celebrate her birthday full of our hand prints and foot prints.2016-06-04 20.36.07

We had Sarah and Sarah visit from the The Potton Music Festival. They brought with them a flute and bassoon which they demonstrated to the children. We had great fun trying to guess what the instruments were being- a butterfly and elephant were 2 of the animals. Then sang some nursery rhymes to accompany the music. The children and staff listened attentively, joined in when asked and were given lovely compliments at the end from Sarah and Sarah.

Then the children decorated glasses for the special men in their lives and gave them to them on Fathers day.

2016-06-13 20.49.41

We had water beads arrive at Woodentops from Saffy’s ‘The Sensory Den’. The children loved them, exploring them as they moved around the tray, putting them in cups and pots and using lots of pincer movement to pick them up.

2016-06-13 13.34.07

Some of our tadpoles became frogs in the last couple of week, so far we have released 9 frogs back into the garden where they came from. We’ve still got about 10 to go. The children spend time at woodentops looking for ants to feed the frogs, they like live insects to munch.

We discovered 2 types of ants in our garden, red ones and black ones. We spent time watching the ants coming out of their nests and ‘working’ as they moved around the garden. We had lots of discussion about which ant bit and that we needed to avoid them and which one would be better to give to the frogs.

At the request of the children we got out the elastic bands and peg boards. They made some houses with windows, others made patterns across the board. They discussed with each other and the adult what they were doing and why and thought it hilarious when some of the elastic bands pinged off.

All the children planed Sunflowers in April and one of our children took a photo of hers growing. It is now double her size. The ones at Woodentops are also growing well.

2016-06-25 18.32.04

We had the model making out last week, one of the children wanted to use 2 boxes to make a field for her horses. She worked really hard with the support of an adult, sticking toilet rolls together as the horses, finding paper that looked like straw and using jam jar lids as the water bowls. She even made a trough so they could eat.



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