RSPB visit

Wow today we had lovely weather and brilliant children who we took round the RSPB with 3 really helpful RSPB volunteers. We met in the car park, making sure the children knew who their key person was to walk round with.

We did a walk along the woody area and to the Hide. We were impressed at finding a squirrel eating the bird food.

2016-05-24 09.38.48-1

A chaffinch joined him and then 2 ducks decided to have a swim and wash.

2016-05-24 09.41.24 HDR

A woodpecker flew in and ate some nuts from the bird feeder, we spotted a chaffinch flying in before going on his way.

Then we walked to the owl, looking for some rabbits and finding one or two late bluebells still flowering. The children liked touching the owl and commenting how tall he was.

owl RSPB


We walked on to the pond and spotted  geese with their 5 goslings.

We sat and had our snack before walking to the den area.

The den area was fantastic, we had children hiding in the dens already built and then adding more large pieces of wood to them. We made nests using lots of sticks and branches and the children collected leaf liter to make the nest ‘soft’. One child sat in the nest to see how comfortable it was. Then we made ‘wands’ and collecting pieces of leaves and cones to attach to their sticks. Lots of talk about what they were finding and what could have made holes in the ground and trees. We sifted the leaf litter and found lots of little bugs and spiders.

We had a picnic lunch back at the gate house, and found a very small centipede next to our mats, we carefully watched him and then placed the centipede on the plants beside us.

Once we finished lunch we sat and sang some songs whilst we waited for parents, grandparents and carers to meet us.

We’re really proud of how our children behaved today, they were polite and listened to us as we walked round.

2016-05-24 10.04.05





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