Chinese New Year and Construction

We started off the week by extending the children’s fascination with building and construction. Staff got out our ample supply of boxes. The children built towers, arranged the boxes in groups and sat in them sharing the small space- working out how many could fit in the box with all their toys too.

They got out the pens and drew lots on them, then used our tool box full of saws to test out how easy it would be to cut the boxes. Then the children made their own individual cars, with steering wheels included, and took great pleasure in showing their parents on collection what they had done.

We also spent lots of time playing with the rice and chinese table set, filling up and emptying pots, using spoons, scoops and chopsticks. Lots of chat about the different colours of rice and how to use chopsticks.


We made some red envelopes and lots of shiny money, to bring good fortune.2017-02-02-14-18-36

On Friday we decided to make Roosters, to celebrate the animal of the Chinese New Year. The children suggested sticking on lots of feathers and they put on lots of beaks. I love the process they go through as they make their products, each one looks very different and the amount of talking that happens as they plan their design and give each other ideas.

The children get so excited about taking their parents or carers, at pick up time, over the table where their name is and showing them what they have made.

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