Disco dancing and writing shopping lists

This week started off at Woodentops with a ‘drive’ to Tescos. Before leaving, the children thought of what they needed to buy; so each made a list, using the stubby crayons and making the paper into list shapes by cutting them up.

They sat on the sofa with the wooden steering wheel, made sure everyone was buckled in and then drove down to Tescos. Once at Tescos each child unbuckled their seat belt, got a shopping basket and with their list went round ‘Tescos’ picking the stuff they needed off the shelf. Filling their baskets very full before climbing back into the car ready for the journey back to Woodentops. Back at Woodentops they showed the members of staff what they had bought and then wanted to go back to the shops again.

The next day this was extended more, this time the children walked to the shops, and took things off the shelf (along the corridor), paid at the till (table in the corridor) and then brought all the groceries back to Woodentops.



On Wednesday when it was so beautiful outside, the children discovered our sequin cushion covers sparkled even more. They found that the sunlight made them sparkle on to the ceiling and then had a fantastic time dancing to their music in the ‘disco’.

On Thursday we did mini bootcamp inside with Simon which was a novelty- we had Storm Doris to thank for that as it was way too windy outside. The children were able to run around inside, something that is never done, not when we have a roomful of toys, equipment and children. So today the floor was cleared with the help of the children and they had a good giggle with Simon.

In the afternoon, some of us went outside to collect the fallen twigs out of the trees. We wanted to make stickmen with them. It was very fun seeing the wind swirl the leaves round in a funnel. Back inside we shared what we had found and then made stickmen, fishing rods and wands to name a few. We also found some moss and all noticed it was very soft and springy.

On Friday we had the ‘Stay and Players’ into play.

We added the sticks to the playdoh and this is what they made.

We went outside, the weather was gorgeous and the children used the leaves, sand, stones and shells to do lots of cooking in our pots and pans. Some children set up an obstacle course with the bread baskets, milk crates and the wood planks. There was lots of conversations going on- sharing ideas, working together and planning out how they were going to set everything up. Then turn taking as each child had a go on the obstacle course. The children helped tidy away all the toys before going in and having a story.

I have to say we’ve had a lovely first week back after the half term.

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