Gloop and all this mess

So Monday morning we all  ‘made playdoh’. The children worked together to measure the ingredients and mix them taking it in turns. They discussed what colour they would like and added it in. Michelle took the sloppy mixture away to then bring back lovely warm playdoh. Each child marvelled at how warm it felt and different it was from when it was in the pot- a gloopy mess.


3 children got out the bricks and worked together to make their models. They supported each other as they tried to make their buildings balance and all giggled lots when they fell down. They were joined by 2 more children and split off into 2 groups doing their own buildings.

Later on in the week we got out the treasure boxes. The children adore this activity as there are lots of things that wouldn’t normally be played with. Karen talks to them about what they are handling, how it feels, whether it light or heavy, is it bumpy or smooth? These little boxes stimulate lots of talk and thinking about what the ‘surprises’ are and what they are used for, plus how the children can make stories around them.


Dancing on a Monday morning is so much fun with Jodie. The children are so eager to see her when she comes in, this week we had requests for some of the dances- the circus one is such a hit as one minute we’re all pretending to be silly clowns, then we’re acting like very big strong men lifting very heavy weights then we move onto the tightrope, trying to balance and not fall off the thin rope. All I can say it’s so much fun.

We found the chains and S hooks, and spent some time working together to measure the chains against each other. We found some very long chains and one very short chain. The S hooks were useful in hanging all the chains from them.

Gloop play- The children added the dry cornflour to the very messy paint tray, added some water bit by bit and then mixed with their hands. They ended up with gloop in their hair, on faces, all over their clothes and lots on the floor. Did you know Gloop goes a long way if you clap your hands? The staff took the tray outside and added more water to it. The children dressed themselves in waterproofs and wellies before going outside and having a very big splash in our new puddle. They go very wet and they loved it.

On Wednesday afternoon we took the older preschool children to Potton Lower School for our half termly visit. The children loved exploring outside, finding ‘drinking chocolate’ in the water, pouring it out and ‘sharing’ it between themselves. A few of them had lots of fun riding on the bikes and scooters, taking turns with the reception class children. They met with old friends and played on the fireman’s pole, seeing who could go down it. Inside we played with the duplo and then had a go at cleaning the giant teeth with a huge toothbrush- that stimulated lots of questions and thoughts.



All in all, another fun week at Woodentops.

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