Woodentops fun 18th May 2018

Our beautiful butterflies hatched out over the weekend.

One had wings that hadn’t formed properly so he became our little pet. We released the others on Friday with the children.

Burgers being cooked.

Th children were using the animals in their role play. Acting out their ideas through the animals, having lots of discussions and sharing of ideas.

This was fun and a little messy. We mixed cornflour, liquid soap, PVA glue and a little water. Lots of descriptive language and discussion about how it was going to turn out. Later we took it outside to see what would happen in the sun.

The children made a walk way and then took turns to walk along it avoiding the ‘sharks’. They built a tower to see if it could go all the up to the slide. It fell down so they rethought about how they could make it stay upright. The children worked together to build it again.

Playing the music instruments.

Parachute play. The children got the parachute out and played cat and mouse. In the end we had 5 mice and 2 cats trying to catch the mice. Lots of giggles with the rest of us trying to wriggle the parachute.

This is loose parts play. The children liked exploring the different items especially smelling the cinnamon and star anise. We had lots of talk about what they were doing and how they were using the different pieces.

Jackie’s bird.

This is a drawing of the flowers we had donated from Potton Tesco’s.

Pre writing practice using the laces.

Exploring with the light box.

A little bit of junk modelling using rather a lot of glue.

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