Our Visit to Standalone Farm

We had a fantastic visit to the farm today. We took 26 children, 16 parents and 8 staff with us and it was fun even though the weather was a little dull.

We met some very noisy piglets with the mum and others that were sleeping through the noise!!!

We said hello to some very cute lambs and then moved on to meet some goats, a pony and a shire horse having a rest as he had a seed in his foot last night.

We met a goose trying to have a sleep and 3 drakes.

We had snack before going to see the Kuna Kuna pigs having their lunch.

Cilla was having a drink first.

We had a walk round the gardens and found a lovely sandpit. The children enjoyed having a play before going off to feed the lambs.

The children took turns with feeding the lambs who were very eager to have their milk.

We all had a turn at grooming the pony, the pony liked the children’s attention.

After lunch we played in the ride ons and in the play barn before meeting some very cute ducklings and rather large guinea fowl chicks. We said hello to the huge rabbits and a few guinea pigs.

Then we had a lovely play in the play area, watched the trains go round before having an ice lolly.

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