Water beads and flowers

On Monday, the children planted out the sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins.

We discovered our potatoes and strawberries had really grown over the holidays. We’ve got lots of green strawberries- we had lots of chat about how they need to be red before we can pick them.

We made dairy and egg free cakes. The children experimented with touching, smelling and tasting the ingredients before mixing them together.

The children built some dens, inside and outside. They made a tower for their people and had great fun in the ‘rocket’.

With the flowers, the children produced a beautiful salad, the leaves were cut up using scissors to make the lettuce and other resources added to finish off the salad.

Water beads are so much fun. They bounce and make a lovely sound when poured. They feel lovely to hold although very slippery.

We had the teachers visit from Potton Lower on Thursday. The children were eager to listen to what they had in their shoe boxes. They shared books with them, eagerly showed them round Woodentops including our lovely garden and played with them. The teachers were impressed with how confident our children were.

Some of our provocations set up ready for the children to explore and follow their curiosity.

On Friday we cleaned the chalk of the path. We had 3 brushes and some paint brushes. We all took turns in cleaning the path and the walls. The children were very enthusiastic.

So much so, they cleaned the signs too.

Last week was a fabulous week with lots of learning and exploring.

I am in total awe of how our children take what we provide and move it in to a totally different dimension. It’s fantastic and all based around them and their interests.

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