Second week back and it’s been so much fun.

This week we had Nisha come and meet us before doing her fabulous Spanishtastic session. The children loved and went home saying ‘Hola’ to their parents and carers. Brilliant as most of them hadn’t done Spanish before.

A little one built a fabulous train track and then added lots of rainbow bridges. He was really busy for ages and it was his 3rd day at Woodentops.

In our ‘home corner’, the children love having the flowers. They help sort them into their little vases. They are really good at taking care of them and they have not been knocked over. We also have some china cups and plates that the children are being very careful with and using fantastically in their play.

The children used their imagination and inspiration from the equipment around them to build a car. They took turns in driving it too.

A new road for the cars to see how fast they can go. The balls went even faster and further along the path.

A little girl loves lining up toys, she also grouped them into colours.

Some lovely building inside, again children working together, sharing ideas and planning how they wanted their building to look and be used.

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