Halloween at Woodentops

This week we put up our revamped birthday board. The children love looking for theirs and their friends pictures on the board. It’s created a lot of discussion.

Our fairy garden, set up with children’s help.

Some models built by the children.

We made slime this week. The children enjoyed the feel of it, lots of descriptive words used such as slimy, cold, stretchy, sticky used.

Our treasure bags came back full of goodies that our families had collected on their walks over half term.

The children worked together to make a picture from their collections.

Our fire 🔥 engine built by 5 children following on from their interests from last Half term. So we asked Potton Fire Station if they could bring their engine in.

The children were really interested and had a ball squirting the water from the hose.

Spider sandwiches chosen by the children after reading the book. Fun on Halloween where the children dressed up and played with cauldrons made from pumpkins.

All in all a super week with lots of learning going on.

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