Lest We Forget



This week the children at Woodentops had black and red paint, lots of paper plates, red tissue paper and giant card circles. We used these to do our poppies our way.

On Remembrance Sunday, One of our little ones placed the Woodentops wreath with the huge poppies the children made.

Earlier in the week, a child was rolling a small ball around in the tray, so we got our some paint, marbles, paper and trays and made some beautiful fire work pictures and patterns.

On Thursday, we were playing with cars, One child said ‘no road’.  Sue asked if he wanted a road, ‘yes’. So we got huge pieces of card out of our sheds and ended up with Potton


And Biggleswade


With a ‘huge mountain, a roundabout, houses with people in’. The children extended it further with drawing round themselves and each other and then wanting to write their names.


Other children in the room wanted to make a fire engine out of the card- continuing with their interests.


Sue made the ladder with a lot of help from the children. The children designed and made the fire engine, lots of turn taking, sharing ideas and working out what would fit where.


Lunch anyone?

Burying the dinosaur using chains.

The children made an obstacle course, changing it and adapting it as they played.

A seaside scene.

How long can we make these chains and hooks go? The children worked together discussing how much further the chains could go and finding more pieces to extend their line.


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